Terms of use
1. For the use of the league and community forum of the AAL the following terms of use apply. The use is only permitted if you as a user accept these terms of use. The law of the EU applies exclusively.

2. Registration, conclusion of contract and subject matter

    2.1 Prerequisite for the use of the league and the community forum is the registration via the corresponding registration form. After registering via the form, you will receive an e-mail to verify your data, with which you can confirm your registration. With the activation of your user account, the free of charge user contract is concluded (conclusion of contract).

    2.2 Subject matter of the contract is the free use of the functions of the league and the community forum. For this purpose you as a user will be provided with a user account with which you can participate in a league, write comments and post contributions or topics in the community forum.

    2.3 There is basically no legal claim to activation or participation. The unrestricted house right of the provider applies.

    2.4 Your user account may only be used by yourself and only one user account per person may be created. As the owner of the user account, you are also responsible for protecting it from abuse. Your access data must therefore be protected against access by third parties. The use of trademarked words and internet addresses as user names is not permitted.

    2.5 We will make every effort to offer the service for retrieval without interruption. Even with all due care, downtimes cannot be excluded in which the web servers cannot be accessed via the Internet due to technical or other problems that are beyond the provider's control (fault of third parties, force majeure, attacks against the infrastructure by hackers etc.). You acknowledge that a 100% availability of the website is technically impossible to achieve.

    2.6 We reserve the right to change and expand the content and structure of the platform as well as the associated user interfaces if the fulfilment of the purpose of the contract concluded with you is not or only insignificantly impaired by this. We will inform you about the changes via the website.

    2.7 A peaceful and respectful relationship without insulting hostility shall be maintained among the users in all communications.

    2.8 The league rules for the use of the league are also applied. A user can create or join a team and thus participate in a league. Before a participation the league rules are accepted.

3. Duties as a user

    3.1 As a user you commit yourself to not publish any contributions in comments or in the community forum which violate these rules, common decency or any other applicable EU law. It is especially forbidden to you:
    - to publish untrue contents\n- to publish sexist, racist or insulting contents
    - to send spam to other users via the system
    - to use protected contents without permission, especially by copyright and trademark law (also user picture)
    - to take anti-competitive actions
    - to post comments, contributions or topics several times (prohibition of double contributions)
    - to publish press articles of third parties without the permission of the author
    - to advertise without our explicit written permission (signature included

    3.2 As a user, you undertake to check your comments, contributions and topics before publication to see whether they contain information that you do not wish to publish. Your comments, contributions and topics can be entered in search engines and thus be accessible worldwide. A claim for deletion or correction of such search engine entries against us is excluded.

    3.3 In case of violation, especially against the aforementioned rules 3.1 and 3. 2, we can also impose the following sanctions against you, irrespective of a termination:
    - Deletion or alteration of content that you have posted
    - Issue of a warning notice
    - Temporary suspension of your user account

    3.4 We are also entitled to completely block your access as a user if there is sufficient suspicion that you have violated these Terms of Use. You may avert these measures if you clear up the suspicion by submitting suitable evidence at your own expense.

    3.5 Should third parties or other users assert claims against us due to possible violations of law which
    a) result from the contents posted by you as a user and/or
    b) result from the use of our services through the use of our website, we shall be entitled to take legal action against you.
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