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- Screenshots are required all the time, send one screenshot of the final results and for players pings and post it in the match lobby in the Tournament
- The screenshot of the pings have to be taken by the home team. In the case of a ladder, screenshots have to be taken by the "Defender" team.
- Not sending the screenshots could result in a penalty for teams/team


-You can't play if your ping is more of 150 in the server of the league
- If the different average ping of teams is more of 30. The away team can say the match play in their server (If the away team has not server can use the server of the league AAL LEAGUE. To calculate, the average ping excludes the highest and lowest ping of each team.
-There will be exceptions with the ping of teams. If they are outside the zone of competition, they cannot move to other servers outside competition zone


- Normally teams own their servers, but there are AAL servers for teams who don't own their private server.( There are exceptions like Ladders, that teams have to play in AAL servers)

-When you play a league or cup organized by us, the bunny jumping and camping are approved.


-If the player tries to corrupt the MOSS, he/she will get an expulsion of the league

-If one player is getting doing cheats, he/she doesn't continue playing the tournament or league, and never come back. If two or more players of the same team get doing cheats, the team is immediately out of the tournament or league. All previous games will be lost

-If some team use one player in the match that isn't registered in the league, the team will lose 1 game, the second time they will lose 2 games, the third time the team is eliminated of the league.

-The minor glitches(Running nade, silent nade..) aren't allowed, if someone uses he/she can't play next game, the second time he/she has another penalty( next two games can't play), the third time can't play more in the league

-If you have bad behavior in the matches or in the official's places of the AAL, the first time you do it or receive a warning of someone of Staff AAL, you can't play the next match, the second time you can't play the next two matches, and the third time you do it, you don't continue playing in the tournament.


-MOSS ( and DEMOREC are mandatory for all matches, and files must be held for two weeks.

-The team that provides the servers for the matches are obligated to have Demorec active on the server settings.

-Each player have to upload the Moss files until 24 hours after the game in the place that they have inside 'My matches', 'Past matches', 'Moss' button

-Keep in mind, Moss is not a trojan, it does not send any files nor opens any ports!! If for some reason your Antivirus software sees Moss as a trojan and does not let you run it, please make sure Moss is on the approved app list of your Antivirus. Common issues if Moss is blocked by antivirus: Moss does not run Moss .exe file is deleted by antivirus Moss zip file is corrupted.

In any case, written above, a player who does not send a Moss file to AAL Admins or Moss file is corrupted and cannot be opened, and/or Log file is missing within a Zip file will be considered breaking the AAL rules. The player who does not follow Moss rules will be banned for the following match and/or banned from the league.


-You can ask for see the demorec file of the match, but never you will have to post it, only its for see it not share it. If you share this file, you will get a penalization

-You can ask for a revision of demorec if you think there are strange things, you will have like 3 Opportunities for doing it, if we see that you are not right you lost 1 opportunity. If we think you are right, you will continue to have 3 opportunities for revision. This is not mean that AAL Anticheat is not going to always revision all files, demorec or moss files.


In all official's places of the AAL, like in the matches, the players should have good behavior, no bad words or nothing about cheating. If you have a problem or you think that someone is cheating only you have to say to Staff of AAL, nobody more, if not there will be penalties.


The winner of the match must report the result into the match panel. Once the result has been put, the one that lost the match must confirm it, if it is not confirmed they will have a penalty and no result will appear.
In the case that there is a dispute, an administrator will confirm the match result with the screenshots provided by both teams.


For talking anything about the competition, you have to talk with league managers of your side and you have to use the Private Message on the website, you can not use steam, discord, or other places. Check this page staff for find the League manager of your side

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