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Interviewing pRiVaTe

Introduce yourself, share with us your AAPG story.


Hello, my in-game name is -.pRiVaTe.^, I've been playing AAPG for about 5-6 years now . Most of those years spent competing on the NA side of things.

Played for quite a bit of top teams in NA and as teams started dying bit by bit i left the game. Then started coming back and helping ( or at least trying to help) less experienced competitive players.

One day randomly was "pubbing" on a server when -VI-SpankyTheMonkey hopped in and invited me to their teamspeak.

After that I never went back to NA and stayed on EU. But only played 1 season for iG and a Hydra Tournament with what was a "pick up" team, or a "mix" team.

Left the game again for 2 years, came back now and continued with where i left off with trying to help people that are less experienced in competitive.

In your opinion, when was the game at its peak and why, and which version did you prefer the most (pre-release (beta) or this one)?


I definetly think beta was better. Now it could be the fact that the game was more alive but I legitematly feel like the game itself was better.

Pubbing was way more fun, and competitive was alive and way better than it is now.  Also I played a lot in both versions so I feel like i have the right to say that.

A bit of a random tantrum, but one thing I never understood and in my opinion was tactically a BIG competitive change and it kinda killed the creativity with your stategies and the way you can manipulate the maps and rotates was when smokes got changed with FOGs . I never understood why and it actually triggered me but I'll stop now .

Similiar to the previous question, when was the competition at its peak and why, are there at the moment as talented team as there was before?


2014-2015 in my opinion was when this game competitevly peaked. Now as for the other question, since I'm already kinda known as "disrespectful" in the community, I'll allow myself the freedom to speak what I actually think and try to elaborate on it. Are the teams nowadays as talented as they were before? No. And this is no disrespect to anyone I'm just being honest, this is my opinion. Last tournament is to me proof of it. Team retard shows up ( dont even play the game outside of matches), and win the whole thing. To even add on top of that those players that played in Team retard, back in the day were really good players but were not number 1 and definetly were not dominating.

Another reason is me being a "tactical mind" more then a "fragger" I know before more often than not watching top teams I would see something new, something different that got me thinking on ways how I or my team can use that.

Nowadays its just more or less same matches with different rosters. Now before someone goes "But this game is old, hard to make new stuff up", CS:GO is older and you will still see a new thing every tournament.

Today I feel like (for most teams) the way its played is 5 v 5 and the strategy is you put 5 players in 5 different places on the map and it comes down to who wins their 1v1 fights. 

So it stops being a 5v5, it more turns into 5 1v1s on the map.

What are your goals with this game and with your team?


My personal goal is to have fun and as a "side - goal" is to kinda show people different ways this game can be played. I was really lucky that I managed to get with players that are super fun to play with and we just click with each other. Now of course we would like to win something, but my personal goal is to kinda "teach" in ways where can they use it, no matter what FPS they play.

Now of course, It's not just me its a team effort and I take no credit for anything. But personally even currently I believe we can win the whole thing and there is so much time left untill the tournament actually starts.

We can only get better. 

Comparing this game to other more popular FPS, would you say this one (or upcoming AA) has potential for big stage competitions?


Now I can only speak on AAPG because I havent played or saw enough of other iterations of AA, so I dont feel right judging on it. As for AAPG im going to be honest, no.

This game needs to just try to survive untill the next one comes out, there is a huge disconnect with the game and the community itself in my opinion. This game is a faster pace game with how its mechanics and stuff are, but lots of players especially in "pubs" tend to play slow and super passive, which just creates a really boring match. 

And what I guess most dont think about it is the "noob" or the new player, imagine someone somehow finds out about AAPG ( because another issue is this game isnt well advertised), gets in a game, goes on a public server and sees that he can jump, crouch fast, lean fast and in general move pretty fastly, but yet somehow rounds last for 3 minutes, people just sit in their spawns, generally if he dies, he dies to a guy not because he got outplayed or outaimed, but because someone was hiding in a corner he didnt check. Now if we stop being fans of AAPG and become realistic about it if a new player sees that hes not going to stay, because this game is not realistic, if he wants a realistic game he'll just go play your Arma's or your Squad's even Escape from Tarkov.

And if he wants to play a faster pace game which is what this game offers, the players wont allow him to do so because generally nowadays ways of playing is SUPER "campy" and hiding so he'll just go play your Call of Duty's, CSGO's etc. So if he even is the next Dozer, waNted or whoever he's not goning to stay long enough for anyone to find out.

Last question, will we see you on future competitions and the next iteration of AA?


Next iteration for sure. I want to try it and look forward to seeing it and seeing all the old friends that will probably come back to check it out etc.
As for future competitions, I REALLY dont know, to be honest I doubt i , but who knows, currently im having fun with my team and I'm here as long as that is a thing. I can answer that one after this season only.


What are your proving grounds then?   

@smootrab I was talking about AA G not AA series...

Nice to read and respect for your honest answers I totally agree with you and maybe good you didn't experience the last years in AA2, because than you would feel more sucked about competetive teams nowadays, without being disrespectfull to anyone.

2014-2015 in my opinion was when this game competitevly peaked, you say? In my opinion, it was a bit earlier, right before AA2 died and TWL stopping had a lot to do with it, I think.

But it's up to us now to get it back up alive & kicking!

Regards to Private, a nice, friendly & good player!

Grtz, Smoot

Nice Private Nice. Nice Akeiro Nice.

Nice Interview Hooah!

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