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Interviewing waNted

First of all, big thanks to private and waNted who did the interview. We might keep interviewing more players, if you would like to be interviewed send me a private message here on the website.


Would you mind shortly introducing yourself? ( How long you've been playing AA for,
AA accomplishments, Rainbow 6 career ).


Hello, my name is Fabrizio, waNted in-game.

I'm from Italy and I started playing America's Army in 2005 (AA2).

In AA2 I played for a lot of italian teams, getting in to better one each time, to a point I joined one of the best European teams in the game: justplay.

At that time my pc couldnt handle AA3 so I continued playing AA2 founding SNLSTB together‚ with Bart, but then AA2 died. So after some months I started playing AA3 and in few weeks joined‚ the best italian and one of the best european team: HGS.

Few months after AA3 died, I played CSGO for a while, but then around June 2013 I got an email saying‚ that I was accepted in the closed beta for AAPG.

I fell in love with the game in the first rounds and played non-stop till the open beta.

As soon as the open beta was released I contacted Bart and other AA2 old players like filKa and tidididi to rebuild SNLSTB (later SSK) again in AAPG.

Under the SNLSTB/SSK tag we played 96 matches: won 87 tied 1 and lost 8 and pretty much won almost all the tournaments we played.

After leaving AAPG I played Rainbow Six Siege for almost 5 years where I reached the proleague, had the chance to play 2 LANS and got a salary.

Few months ago I retired from R6 and started to play Valorant and hopefully I can achieve something there as well.


Around what time have you quit Americas Army Proving Grounds?


I left the game around January/February of 2016.


Why did you quit the game?


To be fair the game got pretty boring to play, there was not competition for us left and getting banned from most of the public servers wasn't fun after a while.


How often do you play the game nowadays?


In the last 5 years I think I opened the game at maximum 10 times to be honest.


What do you think of the game in it's current state?


I played few days ago and the movement in the game is slow and weird compared to the others game I have been playing lately.


What in your opinion does the game need to improve?


In my opinion, the game needs to be more like the open beta, a bit more arcade-ish. Also they need to really improve the maps, coming from AA2 and after playing CSGO, R6 and now Valorant, the maps from AAPG are the worst by far.


Do you think AAPG has competitive potential?


Like I was saying before the maps in AAPG are a problem, to be a good competitive game you really need good maps and that's been a problem since day 1 of AAPG.


Bit of a more a " We all want to know " question , is there any chance of SSK making a comeback?


I cant speak for the others, but it's very unlikely that I will ever come back to play AAPG regularly, so I guess it's a no.


Last question, do you think you will play the next iteration of America's Army?


I will try for sure the next America's Army, because it's the game where I started my career in fps.


Nice interview! Where's the time... still WaNted Sure I remember you and the other guys from back in those days! Showtime

AA2 was top and I miss it as well!
All these good maps, what a difference with AAPG nowadays. At that point I get you all the way. Weapons Cache, Mount McKenna, Dusk, Pipeline, Collapsed Tunnel, Urban Assault, ... etc, maps I've played for 10000's hours

TWL, ESL, all the scrims, a real community, people checking eachother AAOTracker lol ...

Myself was the founder, known as JigS(aw) of BSG (Belgian Special Gameforces) back then with a team of +/- 50 Belgian players, 3 public and 2 match servers. Afterwards combined and made comp teams with -SVS- (also a Belgian/Flemish team) with some excellent and talented players. We made subteams like Yakuza... competition was so much fun!

We even organized togehter with other teams a EU LAN-party here in Antwerp, my home city. People from all over Europe came together to play AA2 comp... Those were fun days!

Myself have been playing as well since 2003, but also stopped at AA3 cause there wasn't any comp anymore and the game really changed (sorry, in a bad way). Coôps at the end of AA2 :-/ That predicted it, I feel it that way...

Started playing back a bit since a few months ago. Difference is, I'm 40 years old now and not 25, so yes, I lost speed and skills But still love it and like competions & ladders. So many, many thanks to the founders of AALgaming! 

I like AAPG and this game will always have place in my heart and mind. My ex-wife played this game and even if my girlfriend now don't like me to play or shout that much, I hope and believe we can put back up a good community, make friends, have fun, revive competion and hopefully the Devs realize that there's a need to be more good maps again like in AA2. It can be even good clones of the maps but more advanced offcourse.

My opinion...

Smootrab (Jigsaw / Jigs)

Cool interview. It's a shame AAPG is not what AA2 used to be


Very good!

Good interview. We need more interviews with players!!!!

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