30.06.2020, 23:16

Hello AAL community,

It is my pleasure to announce, in the name of AAL staff, the new website and home for everyone who is interested in participating, by playing or watching, the future AAL competitions.

This website allows spectatores to keep up with the current tournament/leagues and facilitates the teams duties.

This means spectatores will know which games will be streamed and when plus the teams don't have to worry about going to third party sites to prepare their games.

Some features the website currently support are:

- Ladder, playoffs systems;

- Discuss everything about the game in the match menu (ban, change time, dispute included);

- upload MOSS files;

- Forum;

- Create and manage your team.

These are just some of the current features, and more will be added!

I hope you are as excited as me to see what's coming!



Well done


Good work guys 

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