AA:PG 2vs2 North American
Start date:
01.08.2020 - 13.09.2020
The ladder is starting soon.
2vs2 Challenge system with Playoffs

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- At least 2 players in your team.

- You can register 2 substitute players if you want.

- Discard first round is allowed to check if everything is good on the server.

- A player can only be registered in one team for the same competition.

- Players can not play if they received a ban in less than 1 year.


A team can challenge better positions. This depends on the total number of teams in the ladder. The attacking team is called "Attacker" and the defending team "Defender".

1 to 5 teams: 2 positions
6 to 10 teams: 3 positions
11 to 20 teams: 4 positions
More then 21 teams: 5 positions

A date is given directly for the challenge. The date is between 2 and 6 days in the future. Challenges always have to be played in 6 days. The system will always accept a challenge.

If the "Attacker" wins the match, the "Attacker" takes the position of the "Defender". The "Defender" moves down one position. All other teams between the "Attacker" and "Defender" will also move down one position accordingly.

If the "Defender" wins the match, the "Defender" kepps his position. The "Attacker" will also keep his position.

After a match, it isn't possible to challenge the "Attacker" or "Defender" immediately. Depending on the result of the match, the two teams will be protected for a randomly allocated time. However, both teams can directly challenge other teams if possible.

- How many time have to wait until you can challenge the teams:

If the Attacker wins the match - position changes so:
Attacker (Winner) can't be challenged by another team between 6 to 12 hours (random)
Defender (Loser) can't be challenged by another team between 3 to 6 hours (random)

If the Defender wins the match - no position changes so:
Attacker (Loser) can directly be challenged by another team
Defender (Winner) can't be challenged by another team between 6 to 12 hours (random)

- Both teams can directly challenge other teams by themself.

- If the match did not take place within 6 days, a League Manager will be informed. The League Manager clarifies whether an extension is possible. Additional 3 days can be granted. If no date could be found, the League Manager will cancel the match and decide who is the winner. The League Manager evaluates which team was more ambitious in finding a date to play the match.

- Both teams have to be on the assigned server at the agreed date and time. If one team doesn't appear and they didn't informed with a reason in the "Match Panel", the other team must wait 15 minutes before marking the match as "no show". Both teams can talk about another time in chat of the "Match Panel". A time deviation is possible if both teams agreed. If a team can't play on the agreed date, this team has to inform a League Manager. If both teams had agreed on another date, the League Manager can change the date.
If one team doesn't appear on the agreed date and time, the match will be considered as a "no-show" win for the other team.

- The ladder will be played in best of 1 map, each match will be played in a map chosen by map ban.

- Map veto starting map ban the Assault Team.

- For Map veto, you will have 6 maps for the ban, you will have to ban 2 maps. With the last two maps remain, the Assault team choose the map.

- The best 4 teams of the ladder are going to advance to the playoffs.

- Playoffs will be played in best-of-three format, each match will be played in a map choosed by MAP VETO.


- The terms "Defending" and "Assault" are only used to determine side choice on a combat ladder.

- Example: Assault vs Defending.

- The Assault team has server choice.

- The team that is defending the ladder spot gets side choice of the match.

- The teams have tolerated of 10 minutes of the time match.

- If one team no present in the match the other team win the matches.

- The matches are playing in 2vs2.

- You can use the new weapons( Scar-H, CZ Alpha), but not Sniper(m24, m14).

- The matches are 15 rounds system.

- All the rounds have not to be played.

-Nobody in spectator that isn't at least that of an admin of the tournament or some official streamer.

- For stream we need the cooperation of teams, sometimes we need may need to move the hour of the match for streaming.

- If you are in the competition you can't deny that your match is going to be streamed

- During the match streaming, the players that are playing in this match, he/she cant be watching the streaming.

- All communications between the teams that play the match have to be in the chat inside match panel on website.


- These matches are going to play only on the official servers of AAL. You can check the servers here.

- When you play a league or cup organized by us,  the bunny jumping and camping are approved.


- The 4 best teams of the ladder are going to advance to the playoffs.

- Playoffs will be played in a best-of-three format, each match will be played in a map chosen by map ban.

- Best-of-three playoff is a head-to-head competition between two teams in which one team must win two games to win the series.


- The league has a default day and hour, the teams can change the day and hour if they agree, if they are not in agreement, the match has to be played in the default day and hour.

- If the match is played in another day, never must be more than 3 days after the default day.

- The default day and time is Sunday at 20:30 CET.

- The home team has starting banning map.

- The away team choose the side in the first map, the home team choose a side in the second map and the third map another time choose side away team.

- The teams have tolerated of 10 minutes of the time match.

- If one team is not present in the match the other team win the match.

- The matches are playing in 2vs2.

- You can use the new weapons (Scar-H, CZ Alpha), but not Sniper(m24, m14).

-  All the rounds do not have to be played.

- The matches are 16 rounds system.

- Each map can't be finished in a draw (  8-8  ) so when this map finishes in a draw, the teams have to play OT. If 3 maps finish in a draw, so you will have to play 3 OT, in each map.

- The OT is 6 rounds, doing 3 rounds in defense, 3 rounds on assault. If they tie again its a repeating process until someone wins. (For this is you have to  put in server ini 6 rounds and restart the server)


- The winner of the match must report the result into the match panel. Once the result has been put, the one that lost the match must confirm it, if it is not confirmed they will have a penalty and no result will appear.

- In the case that there are a dispute, an administrator will confirm the match result with the screenshots provided by both teams.


No showPenalty
First "no-show"Warning, no penalty
Second "no-show"Lost of 2 positions
Third "no-show"Lost of 4 positions
Fourth "no-show"Remove from ladder

No screenshotsPenalty
First time "missing screenshots"Warning, no penalty
Second time "missing screenshots"Lost of 2 positions
Third time "missing screenshots"Lost of 4 positions
Fourth time "missing screenshots"Remove from ladder

No moss filesPenalty
First time "missing MOSS files"Lost of 2 positions
Second time "missing MOSS files"Lost of 3 positions
Third time "missing MOSS files"Lost of all positions (last position)
Fourth time "missing MOSS files"Remove from ladder

-It can be exceptions at the first time if players show evidence (screenshot of a bug) that moss had problems and stopped/crashed due to an error. But after receiving a warning for that, the player has to report this to moss forum or resolve the problem, if not in the next matches there will be penalties. This will analyze by ANTICHEAT Staff and will decide if its a problem of moss


The 6 maps for this competition will be:

- BDX Breach EX
- BDX Crossfire EX
- BDX Lockdown EX
- BDX Shadowstep EX
- BDX Siege EX
- BDX Springstreet EX


- To see the rules about penalties, anti-cheat, ping, you will have to go to this here.
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